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Soft Tissue Management

What is Soft Tissue Management?

70% adults suffer from gum disease. A periodontal pocket is an area where inflammation and/or infection is present. Later stages of the disease involve bone loss. Periodontal infection can lead to bad breath, bad smell/taste, bleeding, tender gums, and eventually tooth loss. It’s also been linked to heart attacks, strokes, diabetic complications and low birth weight in babies.

Soft Tissue Management is an individualized plan to eliminate infection of the gums and root surfaces. An appropriate plan will be chosen by your hygienist. We will perform the treatments to help eliminate infection, make recommendations to help you more effectively clean your teeth daily, and guide you through our efforts to achieve and maintain oral health.

Our Soft Tissue Management Program

Our Soft Tissue Management (STM) program consists of periodontal debridement with hand instruments combined with piezo and ultrasonic scalers. Followed by an in office irrigation treatment.

Periowave Laser is utilized in our STM program. Periowave™ is a quick and painless technology that works to kill bacteria associated with periodontal disease. It is safe and effective. For more information about Periowave, visit Periowave website: http://www.periowave.com

Our Goal

The goal of our Soft Tissue management treatment program is to resolve the signs of inflammation, reduce pocket depths, bleeding and detectable plaque to a level associated with periodontal health. Ideally we can halt the progression of the periodontal disease.

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